Our capital is helping Albedo to develop low-flying satellites that will capture visible and thermal imagery at the highest resolution commercially available. By making aerial quality imagery globally available, easy to purchase, and transparent to task, the company aims to catalyse market growth and spur new applications.  Albedo’s 10cm visible and 2m thermal imagery will fuel insights for industries such as mapping, insurance, utilities, solar, agriculture, carbon offsets, infrastructure sustainability, national security, and much more.

slingshot aerospace

Slingshot Aerospace builds data and analytics products to make space operations safer. Our investment will help Slingshot Aerospace continue to apply advanced analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and collaborative tools to data from earth and space, and provide customers with clarity in complex situations. Customers include the U.S. Air Force, NASA, Boeing and the United States Space Force.


D-Orbit is a new-space company revolutionising the orbital transportation industry through its ION Satellite Carrier platform. Our capital will support the company in its mission to become a global leader in both the transportation and satellite decommissioning markets, offering full lifecycle services for satellites. Founded in 2011 in Europe, the firm now has sites in the United Kingdom, United States and Italy.


ICEYE is a leading miniaturized Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites and integrated analytics company. Examples of their current applications include flood analysis to help insurance companies quantify damage and maritime zone monitoring for security threats and illegal fishing.

Our investment will support the company in its mission to become a global leader in persistent monitoring solutions. Founded in 2015 in Europe, the company now has 300 team members working across offices in USA, Finland UK, Poland and Spain.



Cobham Ventures is a proud supporter of the leading SpaceTech accelerator and participating companies.

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